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Stand with Rey – Rey Galleon is a Filipino American immigrant with two US citizen children who was deported by Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) on March 17, 2017. He was misled with false options to sign a voluntary departure form and without being permitted to consult legal counsel.  That day he was pressured to buy his own ticket back to the Philippines and was escorted by ICE to the airport. His 9 year old daughter came home that day to learn that her father was gone. This marks the first reported case to the Pilipino Workers Center of a Filipino immigrant being removed from the United States under the Trump Administration. PWC was contacted after Rey arrived in the Philippines as he was looking for support for his wife and 2 young children.  After weighing their options, the family decided to reunite in the Philippines with Rey and with community assistance, they are now all together but in a very difficult transition.  He is telling his story to get the word out to other immigrants to learn their rights and connect to a community of support. See coverage of Rey’s story on Balitang America.

Ways to Get Involved

To help provide material support for Rey and his family in their transition:

Donate to the We Stand Together Fund (a portion will be given directly to Rey and his family and the rest will go to PWC’s Deportation Defense program to help others.)


To Join the effort to respond to future deportations and unjust treatment of our community members:

Join the Sama-Sama Network!  Take a stand on immigration reform, demand due process, universal representation, end policies that tear our families and communities apart!


To express solidarity and commitment to immigrants and refugees:

Sign an endorsement of a the Vision for a Strong California


To help PWC detail, educate, and empower communities with immigrant support services like legal representation, Legal Clinics, Know Your Rights information, citizenship applications and deportation defense:

Donate to the We Stand Together Fund or Volunteer by calling PWC at (213) 250-4353


Stand with Pilipino Workers Center to protect the rights of our community and connect people to needed resources!  With the support of the community, PWC is launching a bigger outreach campaign called Biyaheng Karapatan! Sama na, Sakay na! We are bringing education and assistance into the community by bringing out the PWC HiFi Jeepney around Southern California.  All donations will go towards PWC’s immigration services, immigration defense efforts, human trafficking assistance program, workers’ rights education and enforcement program and more.

Even though there is a new administration in office, everyone has rights, no matter your immigration status! In California, there are many great policies and laws in place for workers and immigrants.  Help PWC make California a beacon of hope for the rest of the country.

It takes money to accomplish our goals of reaching all Filipino immigrant and workers to let them know about their rights and how to protect them. Join other contributors like performing artist Mark Bagyo and Employment Attorney Joe Sayas Esq.  Let’s send a message to all vulnerable populations in our community that they are not alone.  Please contribute what you can (patak patak) so that we can make a big impact!


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