Helping You to Help Yourself

Pilipino Workers Center provides many different important services around issues that workers and their families are facing on a daily basis.  We provide these services to help workers help themselves and to become a part of our longer-term vision that recognizes our need to act collectively to bring about real permanent change for our community and for the larger community.Individual case management

PWC does not accept walk-ins. Please call (213) 250-4353 to make an appointment.

  • Immigration

PWC can provide immigration assistance and referrals for immigration assistance.

  • Employment

PWC assists workers to file cases with the California Division of Labor Standards and Enforcement , and with the Department of Labor. PWC has successfully assisted workers to be awarded almost $500,000 over the past 8 years. PWC may assist in filing claims against employers who have not paid proper wages (with an expertise in home care cases); can inform you on your rights as an employee (no matter your immigration status; and when possible can refer you to job openings.

  • Health / Occupational Health & Safety

PWC can direct you to free and low-cost health centers; provide education on your health rights (no matter what your immigration status). PWC provides hands-on Occupational Health and Safety Trainings to help workers protect their bodies and overall health.

  • Human Trafficking Outreach and Case Management

With growing numbers of Filipinos who are discovered as human trafficking survivors, PWC conducts community outreach and direct case management for Filipino human trafficking survivors.

  • HiFi Paluwagan

PWC’s Peer Lending Circles

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