CA Assembly passes Domestic Workers Bill of Rights

The bill, AB241, would extend legal rights and protections already provided to other workers to housekeepers, nannies, and caregivers for the elderly and disabled: overtime pay, meal and rest breaks, right to use kitchen facilities, 5-hours uninterrupted sleep.

“The outcome of vote went out just as the National Domestic Workers Alliance released a new report on the working conditions of California’s in-home workforce. It found that the lack of labor protections for domestic workers can lead to abusive working conditions. While formal contracts are relatively rare, the report found that more than 90 percent of workers who had them didn’t have any overtime provisions. A quarter worked long hours without breaks…” as stated by the CA Domestic Workers Coalition.

In addition, “If California passes its bill, it will join New York, which has its own on the books, and Hawaii, which passed a bill that is waiting for the governor’s signature. Oregon’s state House narrowly passed a similar bill earlier in May.”

Next AB241 will need to pass through the California Senate before arriving again at the Governor’s desk for signature. Watch out for more updates and opportunities to get involved. Si se puede!